Joe D'Cruz

Joe D’Cruz

Founder and Managing Director

D’Cruz is a results-driven senior executive and entrepreneur with achievements in both early-stage and established multinational corporate environments. His creative and visionary approach has consistently delivered strong revenue growth while laying the foundation for sustained development and profitability.

Joe D’Cruz is the founder and Managing Director of Catalyze Dallas, where he builds scalable businesses chartered with commercializing promising innovations licensed or purchased from some of the world’s most respected defense companies. D’Cruz serves on the board of Metro Aerospace, a leader in the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon emissions on a variety of military and commercial aircraft. D’Cruz is also a board member and executive chairman of Alpine Advanced Materials, a pioneer in lightweight thermoplastic nanocomposites.

Previously, D’Cruz ran global businesses for several large public companies, each time increasing their revenue, profitability, and market position. He led the Communications, Media and Entertainment practice at EDS/HP, the Mobile Data Services practice at Nokia Networks, and the Electronics, Specialty Chemicals, and Imaging group at E.I DuPont.

D’Cruz is also a serial entrepreneur, unleashing the value of promising technology in numerous startup ventures. He co-founded EnModa to commercialize mobile data security technology acquired from a private equity firm, selling the firm to iForem after receiving recognition from the U.S. Federal Reserve and AT&T. Prior to that, D’Cruz founded Connect 1.2.1 Mobile, the first global platform for gifting content on a mobile phone. The platform successfully launched simultaneously on the five largest European carriers before being sold to a private equity group. D’Cruz also founded Dreison Holdings, an advisory firm providing insight on secure communications to Fortune 500 companies and to US Special Forces.

D’Cruz graduated from Saint Louis University with a BS in Business Administration and studied at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a member of the board for C4ADS and has served on multiple nonprofit boards, including the Boys & Girls Club of America.