Success Stories

Metro Aerospace

The first affiliate company founded by Catalyze Dallas in 2016, Metro Aerospace, holds the perpetual global license to manufacture and supply Microvanes, a technology invented and patented by Lockheed Martin. By partnering with Catalyze Dallas, Lockheed met their customer’s demand by greatly accelerating the speed-to-market for Microvanes while offloading the onerous and expensive task of obtaining FAA approval for the Microvanes onto Metro Aerospace.

  • In just under two years, Metro Aerospace has grown into an AS-9100D certified business, now supplying a variety of military and FAA approved commercial Microvanes to clients across four continents

  • In its first eight months, Metro Aerospace achieved first revenue, with sales growth of 274 percent between 2017 and 2018 and projected sales growth for 2019 at 370 percent

Using their proven turn-key commercialization methodology, Catalyze Dallas grew Metro Aerospace into a mature thriving business, taking innovative technology that was sidelined and rapidly proliferating it across multiple commercial markets.

  • Definitive Agreement with Lockheed Martin

  • C-130 Product Launch

    Catalyze hires leadership team, launches product within 2 months of completing the transaction

  • First Order > $500K

    Metro passes supplier qualifications and takes first order within 5 months of launch

  • First Product Installation

    First Product Installation
  • Winner Aviation Week Laureate Award for Defense Supplier Innovation

    Winner Aviation Week Laureate Award for Defense Supplier Innovation
  • 3x Revenue Growth

    Achieves commerciality and FAA STC for L-100

  • Global Expansion

    Microvanes installed globally; numerous commercial variations in development

  • Next Tech Insertion

    Additional drag reduction technology acquired from LMC

Alpine Advanced Materials

Alpine Advanced Materials holds a perpetual exclusive global license for HX5, a class-leading thermoplastic nanocomposite developed by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® over eight years and $50 million in research and development. Alpine is the second affiliate company founded by Catalyze Dallas to commercialize Lockheed Martin intellectual property.
  • Utilizing its proven turn-key commercialization methodology, Catalyze assembled a world-class leadership team, built a robust custom parts design, engineering, and manufacturing capability and launched Alpine Advanced Materials all within an unprecedented 4 months of completing the transaction with Lockheed Martin

  • Following the launch of Alpine at the 2019 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg Germany this April, Alpine was inundated with RFQ’s and is now actively engaged with multiple OEMs designing custom HX5 injection molded parts for aerospace interior seats, inflight entertainment systems, and galleys with the goal of removing 750kg of weight from commercial air carriers

  • Alpine will begin production on its first commercial aerospace parts within 7 months of licensing the technology

By partnering with Catalyze and leveraging its resources and access to growth capital, Lockheed Martin accelerated their intellectual property to commercial markets while simultaneously proliferating it across its own business units. Alpine is enabling markets outside of defense such as commercial aerospace, space, energy, and land transportation to benefit from innovative defense-oriented technology that traditionally would not see the light of day.

  • Definitive Agreement with Lockheed Martin

  • Company Launch Commercial Aerospace Vertical

    Catalyze assembles world-class leadership team, builds robust purposed-engineered parts design and manufacturing capability and launches Company within 3 months of completing the transaction

  • Customer Acquisition

    Alpine designs custom HX5 injection molded parts for seats, galleys, rack mounted systems, catalog parts with top tier commercial aerospace OEMs

  • Launch Commercial Space; Outdoor Products & Sports Verticals

    Alpine invests in launching second and third market verticals and solidifies 100% domestic supply base

  • Program Pursuit Wins

    HX5 is material of record for sub systems on UAV, missile, rotor and land systems platforms pursuits

  • Growth

    Company more than doubles in size in 2020 and quadruples our headquarters location to accommodate continued growth

  • New Manufacturing Process

    Alpine introduces HX5 pultrusion continuous process for forming parts with a constant cross-section

  • Certification Received

    Alpine achieves AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 certification

  • Scaling

    HX5 approved for use with designs in process across aerospace, defense, eVTOL, sporting goods; Investing $8M to expand materials portfolio and globalize


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