Success Stories

Catalyze Dallas has a proven track record for creating scalable businesses to launch intellectual property and products sourced from global defense companies into commercial markets.

Using its proven turn-key commercialization methodology, Catalyze Dallas has now established two mature, thriving businesses, taking innovative purpose-built defense technologies and rapidly proliferating them across multiple commercial markets.

Metro Aerospace

Metro Aerospace has become a global leader in aerospace innovation. Through the use of advanced manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art materials, Metro enables the aerospace and defense community to reduce carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency to operate in a better, cheaper, more environmentally sustainable way.

Development Timeline

  • Definitive Agreement with Lockheed Martin

  • C-130 Product Launch

    Catalyze hires leadership team, launches product within 2 months of completing the transaction

  • First Order > $500K

    Metro passes supplier qualifications and takes first order within 5 months of launch

  • First Product Installation

    First Product Installation
  • Winner Aviation Week Laureate Award for Defense Supplier Innovation

    Winner Aviation Week Laureate Award for Defense Supplier Innovation
  • 3x Revenue Growth

    Achieves commerciality and FAA STC for L-100

  • Global Expansion

    Microvanes installed globally; numerous commercial variations in development

  • Next Tech Insertion

    Additional drag reduction technology acquired from LMC

Latest News

Microvanes Save Fuel for the Royal Netherlands Air Force

October 15, 2020

Aero Precision and Metro Aerospace Sign a Distribution Agreement

July 15, 2020

Metro Aerospace Plans for Renewed Takeoff After Pandemic

August 6, 2020

Nigerian Airforce Goes Greener with Purchase of Microvanes

August 20, 2019

Alpine Advanced Materials

Alpine Advanced Materials is revolutionizing the aerospace industry through the delivery of purpose-built, high-performance parts. Solutions offered to combat some of the most challenging material problems and harshest environments, Alpine’s thermoplastic nanocomposite, HX5™, is a superior alternative to traditional aluminum manufacturing.

Development Timeline

  • Definitive Agreement with Lockheed Martin

  • Company Launch Commercial Aerospace Vertical

    Catalyze assembles world-class leadership team, builds robust purposed-engineered parts design and manufacturing capability and launches Company within 3 months of completing the transaction

  • Customer Acquisition

    Alpine designs custom HX5 injection molded parts for seats, galleys, rack mounted systems, catalog parts with top tier commercial aerospace OEMs

  • First Prototype Parts

    Prototypes of commercial aerospace parts manufactured within 6 months of licensing the technology

  • Launch in Additional Verticals

    Alpine invests in launching second and third market verticals: Commercial Space, Outdoor Products & Sports

  • Production of Parts

    Volume production of custom parts begins

  • New Manufacturing Process

    Alpine introduces HX5 pultrusion continuous process for forming parts with a constant cross-section

  • Certification Received

    Alpine achieves AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 certification

Latest News

HX5 Adds Electromagnetic Shielding to Growing List of Material Advantages

October 28, 2020

HX5 Thermoplastic Nanocomposite Presents an Alternative to Aluminum for Space Applications

August 28, 2020

Military Materials, Mods Could Cut Airliner Fuel Burn

September 23, 2020

A New Composite to Protect Against Impact and Fatigue

July 22, 2020