What We Do

Leading Ideas

Catalyze Dallas effectively widens the lens for its clients by evaluating the commercial viability of their innovations, products, and business units, and identifying those that can be profitably spun out – opportunities that they may not have recognized as having broad market value.

Simply put, Catalyze Dallas applies its turn-key process of deep due diligence, market validation, and execution of a newly devised go-to-market strategy to those assets that have a high degree of commercial appeal in new markets. Once executed, significant R&D investments can be monetized for our clients with zero risk, allowing assets that may be dragging down the bottom line to become profitable.


Accelerating Strategic
Products to Market

Due to competing priorities, many of our clients struggle with speed-to-market for new innovative technologies. We take this strategic technology and scale it fast as an entrepreneurial venture by leveraging Catalyze’s proven model and private capital. We have a track record of raising the capital needed to spin an asset out in less than 30 days, demonstrating our ability to scale and fund future developments quickly.


Purpose-Built Products
Serving Untapped Markets

Groundbreaking niche products and innovations can be adapted to serve commercial markets resulting in potential recoupment of R&D investment without risk. You, our commercialization partner, become a customer of the spin-out, benefiting from price economies and derivative works for your own use – taking something you’ve worked for and making it work for you.


Orphaned Products
or Business Units

Some promising products acquired during M&A or invented internally may not make the cut as a strategic initiative. These lower priority and frequently undercapitalized projects can be significantly more profitable outside of a Fortune 500 overhead structure and can contribute pure profit margin to your bottom line.